Maestro Chicano

Volunteering and Extracurricular Activities

Scholarships and Honors

  • Completed the Creative Writing Emphasis Program (PCC) May 2006
  • Received a Creative Writing Focus Award (PCC) June 2006
  • Received the Diversity Recognition Scholarship at Portland State University, 2006-2009.
  • Completed the Graduate Teacher Educator Program (GTEP) Portland State University, 2010-2012

Volunteer Experience:

After School Program Site Director Sept. 2001-2002
(Volunteer work turned into a paid position after the summer camp of 2001)
YMCA, Roosevelt Elementary School site, Medford, Oregon.

  • Developed activity planners and implemented them.
  • Coached and directed assistants on site.
  • Provided on site safety in accord with state regulations.
  • During summers worked primarily with teens.
Assistant Cross-country Coach Volunteer Fall 2002
Phoenix High School, Phoenix, Oregon.
  • Mentored high school runners physically and emotionally.
  • Worked closely with head coach developing runners.
Reading Tutor Volunteer Jan 2003
LCC, Eugene, Oregon.                                                                            
  • Worked for Lane Community College reading program.
  • Tutored underachieving readers using various methods.
Trio Writing Tutor Volunteer (This position turned into a paid position) Fall 2007
Portland State University (PSU,) Portland, Oregon.
  • Tutored PSU student helping him to better understand sentence structure.
  • Taught grammar fundamentals and developed writing.
Boys and Girls Club Volunteer Fall 2008-2009
Blazers Club, Portland, Oregon.
  • Provide a positive attitude and welcoming presence for teens.
  • Help teens with homework, life skills and personal development.
Language Laboratory Volunteer Winter/Spring 2008
UNLA (Universidad Latina de América) Morelia Michoacán, México.
  • Conversed with university students helping them to practice their English.
  • Helped more advanced students with their papers for English class.

Read 180 Classroom Volunteer Fall 2008 , Winter 2009                                                  
David Douglas High, Portland, Oregon.

  • Assisted instructor with various tasks and tutored students.
  • Undertook various reading activities with students.

AVID Program Classroom Volunteer Fall 2011, Winter 2012                                                   
Portland Public Schools, Portland, Oregon.

  • Taught and tutored students.
  • Undertook various curriculum and instruction activities.

Volunteer at Revista Caminos 2010--Present.                                      
Talent, Oregon.

  • I have helped my friends at Revista Caminos via e-mail, wherever I have been in the world, with editing, proofing, and writing articles.
  • I grew up in Talent so whenever I visit home I help with community events and even deliver magazines.